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About AbstractExpressions63

Welcome to AbstractExpressions63! Artistically inspired apparel and accessories. All designs are original artwork created by Monica Schmidt.


Please read below about our products and expected delivery times. (Delays may occur due to current public health emergency.)


The Artist:

I have always wanted to fit in or be normal, afraid to be different. I was the square peg trying to fit myself into a round hole. My father introduced me to art when I was a child. He loved abstract and impressionism. We would sit and draw together at sunrise on the weekends. When he painted, I watched in awe. How did he do that?

After the losses of my baby sister (I was 7) and my father (I was 12), I didn't know how to relate to other kids my own age. Being picked on and bullied at different ages didn't help either. I didn't understand my feelings or my grief at those ages. How could I? My creativity went dormant and I began to isolate myself. Occasionally I would doodle or write some poetry that would express the feelings I was suppressing but those small cries for help went unnoticed. I was a very lonely kid and teenager. If you knew me back then, however you might say I was outgoing and extroverted. I put on a great facade. Self harm and a suicide attempt didn't get me what I needed either...

After my grandma died several years ago, I hit another low. Very low. It was time to try therapy again. I've been to therapy many different times throughout my life. I never felt like it benefited me. This time was different. I rediscovered that I'm a creative. I started sketching things that matched with how I was feeling. It felt good to have a healthy coping mechanism for a change. It allows me to use those unexpressed thoughts to create some really cool things that I never would have dreamed I was capable of. One of my big flaws is perfectionism. It makes creating art challenging for me. I desperately wanted to be able to paint like I remember my dad doing. I stumbled across some abstract artists on Pintrest one day, watched their 'how to' videos, made an attempt, and fell in love! You don't know if you don't try and you don't learn if you don't fail. I hope my kids learn to chase their dreams and do what brings them joy.

Art, whether you create it or simply appreciate it, is a relaxing and inspiring activity. It can be very valuable in the treatment of depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions. To steal from Renni Browne and Dave King: "One of the great gifts of [art] is that it allows for the expression of unexpressed thoughts..."


The Mission:

To raise awareness for people who struggle with mental illness. A portion of net profits are donated to community mental health programs that provide mental health services to people of all ages, regardless of ability to pay.


Our Products:

This is a small business that utilizes direct-to-garment printing which means that items are print on demand, this creates less waste. All products sold are considered custom and therefore returns are not accepted. If there is a problem with your order, please use the contact form. It takes approx 3 to 5 business days to process/print orders for shipping, most orders will be received within 7 business days. Please make sure that you read the item descriptions and size charts prior to placing an order. If you have any questions, please ask.

When unpacking a new shirt or hoodie with a direct-to-garment (DTG) print, you may notice a vinegar-like smell or an off-white residue. Don't worry, that's normal. It is due to the printing process. The solution is simply to wash the garment! Neither the residue or the smell are permanent and both should go away after one wash. Flip the garment inside out, wash it on cold, and dry on low.

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